I love ideas and the power they have. I love to see the new around us. My passions are creating new things and leading people into undiscovered territory. Shaping the future is an exciting place, getting there is an exciting and worthwhile journey.


Big things that get my attention,


  • How technology makes companies and people smarter, more innovative and future proof.
  • Empowering boldness and the passion of possibility within people.
  • The changes brought by climate and biosphere change that create powerful new business and social opportunities.
  • Exploring, learning and sharing.


I make my living as a futurist in the present tense. I look at what's coming and figure out where the opportunities lie. I start tech companies, work with future forward companies to invent new revenue and rock boats that need rocking.


Success is driven by the desire to transform inspiration into the real. Ideas drive the world forward and I do love forward.


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Brady Gilchrist

bg (at) bradygilchrist (.) com