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Making my clients and their clients look brilliant. Create new revenue and competitive advantage. Breadth of talent and decades of experiences making things happen at a senior level.

I do a great deal of teaching, coaching and knowledge transfer as part of my work.  It’s about helping my clients create and communicate to their staff, clients or industry peers new opportunities.  A big part of my job is transferring confidence and comprehension.

I’m more about purpose than process. Many clients utilize my operational and entrepreneurial experience to help them create advertising strategies, differentiate, build new divisions, products, revenue models or simply pitch new ideas. With such extensive experience in digital marketing I’m very good at identifying opportunities that will generate revenue and avoiding those that are  high risk. I have a proven track record of creating significant increases in revenue for my clients.

My expertise comes from doing. In the 1990s I was the founder of Intermagic, one of the first digital advertising agencies. I've  held executive positions form EVP to CEO to CSO and Founder. I've been a mentor, speaker and revenue driver for over 25 years. It's this track record of doing that I draw upon to add value for my clients.

A few of the brands I've been very fortunate to have worked with during my career.

I'm all about growth and adaptation I strive for focused outcomes that effect both perception and the bottom line.
Engagement Skills and Expertise Testimonial

I do many things for my clients.  My clients typically pick and choose from my  many domains of expertise to accomplish very specific goals. Most of my engagements are results driven with a specific operational or revenue requirements in mind.


In many situations I'll be engaged to help win business, defend business or maximize business. I'll work with teams to help stretch thinking. I'll be engaged by senior leadership exclusively to advise on issues related to operational and strategic management.


I work on projects related to marketing activities and I'll work with both advertising agencies and brand clients to effect results.


I'm often called upon to use my unique experience and breadth of skills in unconventional ways to help solve very interesting problems.


If you have marketing challenge that requires  experienced perspective or solutions. Drop me a line and we can chat.


Creative Ideation (Creative Direction)


Advertising Strategy


Marketing Strategy


Digital Marketing Strategy


Market and Technology Coaching for Senior Executives


Strategic Planning


Venture Evaluation


Client Briefings and Seminars


Change Management


Mobile Strategy


Next Generation Television Strategy


Best Practice Leadership


Revenue Development Planning


Service and Product Creation


Brainstorm Facilitation and Participation




Business Model Evaluation


Division Planning


Content Creation for Executive Presentations


Project Leadership and Stewardship


Short Term Executive Leadership


Confidential Or Arms Length Advisor for Senior Leadership



“Brady is a disruptive technology. A one‐man band of Futurist, Philosopher, Innovator, Scientist.


You want to see a room full of crea‐tives sit up straight and take notice? Have Brady walk them through the near‐future of the communications industry, and map that against our client's business model.

A thrilling chaos ensues, and the right work finally starts to develop.


I've invited Brady into several global brand opportunities.


He delivers the goods – strategically, culturally, technologically – that makes our work smarter and stronger.


I look forward to every business opportunity with Brady, because he lights up a room with new, courageous possibility.”


John Gagne Executive Creative Director BBDO Proximity Worldwide


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